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End of Year Transition Statements

You’ll find your child’s reports in their bags by the end of this week.

Christmas Raffle

May we kindly request that you add a few things to our K1 Christmas Raffle box? This does not have to be expensive and can include everyday items such as tea, coffee, chocolates, mugs, etc.

Christmas Party

8thDecember, Tuesday from 10-11am.  This will take place in our yard, upstairs! The children will be singing some Christmas Songs and regular songs that they sing every day. We’ll play some games, then dance and enjoy some nibbles. This will be a fantastic time for all the parents to exchange contacts and mingle. At the end, we’ll announce the winner of our Christmas Basket.



Good afternoon families and friends,

What a beautiful day! This morning our friends had lots of fun laughing at ‘Elfie.’ He got himself stuck in the blinds on his way home from being Santa at the North Pole. All our friends think Elfie is a very funny Elf.

This morning we brought half of the children in side, half outside. Miss Bronagh brought the children outside and we played the games that we will play at the Christmas party, which our friends are super excited for.

Miss Hayley came today for our Yoga. we started with saying, ‘Namaste’ to each other. We practised our breathing skills, our animals yoga positions and relaxing on our backs with our eyes closed listening to Miss Hayley’s beautiful voice.

Hope you all had a fantastic day,

Miss Qiu and Miss Bronagh