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If you have old medicine bottles/boxes/empty pill capsules, please bring them in! The children need more ‘medicine’.

Parents Teacher Interviews

These will run for 10 minutes per parent and aren’t compulsory to sign up for. Please state if you’d like a phone conversation or a face-to-face meeting.

Monday, 16th November – 3.30-5pm
Tuesday, 17th November – 3.30-5pm

Christmas Party
Date and time: 8th December 10-11am
Venue: Big carpark beside the Kindergarten building.
Due to COVID guidelines, only 2 adults are allowed, and the school will provide nibbles for this occasion. The children will sing you some Christmas songs, and we’ll have some nice activities set out.

Halloween Week (23rd-30th Oct)
We have noticed that the children love dressing up. Therefore, instead of designating Tuesday and Friday as dress-up days, please feel free to dress your child up in whatever costume they wish, every or any day of this week!

Kindly remember to jot your names down on the easel in the reception area of the gym!





Good morning family and friends,

For our invented spelling of the day, Tali wanted to spell mermaid. Our friends came up with ‘marmahd’. Well done, Kindy 1!

After morning tea, Miss Bronagh played the memory game with our friends.

Then, our friends remembered face painting from yesterday and asked Miss Bronagh for more beautiful face painting! We had some crazy cat face painting, skeletons, batman and some witches with spiders and spider webs and even s scary pumpkin! Our friends looks awesome.

The girls had lots of fun in the Doctor’s Clinic using the fun equipment and taking it in turns to have goes.

The boys had fun at the Lego table, building towers, high rise buildings and scary houses.

We also had our yoga class before lunch to relax our muscles and clam us.

What a busy day we had today,

Happy Halloween friends!


Miss Qiu and Miss Bronagh