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Hello and welcome friends and families of our Kindergarten 1 class, we hope everyone had had a day as fun and busy as we all have here in Kindergarten 1 with Miss Kate and Miss Shannen, here is our blog for Thursday the 4th of March 2021.

This is a snippet on our day…

Our Miss Bea was away sick today and we had Miss Maya join us for the day helping Miss Kate and Miss Shannen and all our friends.

This morning friends were welcomed by Miss Kate with a high 5, fist pump or a hug and a big Jingeri (Welcome in Yugambeh Language). We sat on the mat and Kaia chose a flag out of the basket- he chose the New Zealand Flag. Miss Kate explained the difference with the red stars. “Kia Ora” is how we answered the roll welcoming and greeting all our friends and teachers to the day. We then followed on with our group time with singing our group time songs – days of the week and working out together as a class on what season we were in along with the month we did so well with Miss Kate only helping us a little bit…. We had a class discussion on the sound S and extending on the letter Miss Kate went to the shops this morning and brought in some yummy Sausages to eat that were cooking on the sizzling pan! But before we could eat them we danced our way finishing off our group time with showing all our friends our best dance moves dancing along to who let the dogs out and Miss Shannen teaching us a new dance called Tooty Ta we thought that was so fun! Our friends transitioned to the tables for morning tea that Miss Kristy had made that consisted of a yummy blueberry cake and fresh banana pieces and once we ate all our morning tea up we then had a yummy sausage in bread with a little bit of tomato sauce on top! Filling up all our bellies for the morning.

When all our friends finished eating we joined Miss Kate down on the group time mat forming a circle where we then worked as a team passing from friend to friend using our arm Murrays magic circle, we didn’t let it touch the group and worked well as a team!

Before we knew it Miss Hayley arrived for our Thursday yoga lesson, as we were already in a circle Miss Hayley started off with showing us all ways to stretch our bodies in the shapes of animals and breathing exercises.

Just before we settled down for some yummy lunch that today was Miss Kirstie’s Home Made Sausage Rolls with sauce and salad we all finished off our self portraits with Miss Kate on the art table.

We have all had a wonderful day together as Kindergarten 1 with Miss Kate and Miss Shannen.

Parents and friends a friendly reminder if you can please remember to sign your child both in and out on pick up and drop off on the ipad that is located on the Kindergarten  Noticeboard.

We hope that everyone has a lovely evening and we will see all our friends tomorrow for the last day of the week! It is also floral Friday for March, you can wear flowers, bright colours or any colour of the Torres Strait Islander flag (blue, green and white)

Thank you everyone for a great day!

Lots of love Miss Kate and Miss Shannen xx