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Transition Statement consent forms

May you please fill these forms in even though your child wouldn’t be going to Prep next year? Just tick the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ boxes on the front page, sign and fill your details out on the next page, leaving ‘school’ section blank.

Reading Books exchange system

Our reading books will now be located downstairs, in the gym, so that you’ll be able to pick a book with a child. We kindly ask that you make sure to return a book, before taking another one. Thank you!


Please make sure that your child comes to school with a hat on their head. If they don’t have a hat, they wouldn’t be able to go outdoors for a play as they wouldn’t be sun-safe.

Heuristic Play

Heuristic play is the uninterrupted interaction between children and everyday items around the house. Through their imagination and ideas bounced off their peers, they discover different ways of arranging and interacting with the objects.

We’d love to add more treasure to our heuristic play area. If you have some ‘treasure’ lying around, unwanted at home, please bring it in! Thank you!


Glass pebblesCDsNuts and BoltsSea ShellsSmall boxes with lids

And…some magazines for cutting up, please.


Our graduation will take place either on the 12th or 13th of November. We have been wondering if there is something easy that you could make for your child. (e.g., a simple wrist-band with bells on it.) We’re just gathering ideas right now, so if you have any nice ideas, please let Miss Bronagh or Miss Qiu know!


Good afternoon families and friends,

What a busy day we had today! Lots of outside play this morning, running around outside burning off their energy. We lined up outside, got all the sand off our clothes and bodies, then came into wash our hands. We had a small group time, good morning song, acknowledgment to the county and revised our sounds.

After morning tea, Kallum did his show and tell. He brought in a puzzle game with pictures and words. He said he hadn’t played it before but he wants to keep it at kindy for his friends to play with. Thank you Kallum! Zoey brought in her turtle for show and tell. She said he is called turtle, and she has two real turtles at home who live in the water. Miss Bronagh talked about how turtles live in the water but they come onto land also and breathe air. Zoey said turtles are her favourite animals.

We had many activities today. We continued to paint our special graduation bags. We played connect a cube – seeing who could build the biggest tower, Miss Qiu took the measuring tape out to see who could build the longest structure. We played memory games, lego, cars – building a big track using loose parts for the road then using the building bricks to put around the mat for the pathway. We played in the heuristic play area, seeing what we could make with the items that we had.

Today, we welcomed Miss Hayley to our class for some kids yoga! She talked about a peace bubble around her and everyone had a peace bubble around them as well. This was helpful for the children to be aware of the space around them and to make sure they didn’t intrude on their friends’ peace bubbles. They wiggled their legs, used their core strength to hold their legs up with their hands off the floor. Then, they lay down like sleeping bunnies and listened to the sleeping bunny song. Our friends practised their listening skills by following the movements and instructions that the song gave them. They were turtles, birds, tigers, and flew, bounced, roared and soared through the air and much more! Miss Hayley finished yoga by playing calm music, having all the children lying down and placing a bubble on their foreheads. Our friends had to make sure that their bubbles didn’t fall off as they wiggled their toes and fingers.

When yoga was finished we sat on the mat and revised our numbers 1-20. We then got ready for lunch. After lunch we had a short quiet time while watching The Wizard of Oz story time. We then played quiet activities in the room until it was time for afternoon tea and lots of play outside. Leo, Jonah, Zoey, Hannah and Oscar Zhou asked if they could make something with our recycled materials and glue. Certainly!

We all had a wonderful day at kindy.

Much love,

Miss Qiu and Miss Bronagh

p.s. We managed to upload 2 photos before the server gave up on us.