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Hello Kindergarten families and welcome to Thursday, 7th of November 2019.

Golly gosh it was warm outside in the morning sun. We all had a great play outside before escaping to the cool classrooms. Hallie made a trail with the bark pieces. She asked Miss Sophie to go on a hunt to follow the piece she so very carefully laid out. Mitchell and Indigo spotted a Dragonfly, so we looked up the different coloured dragonflies on the computer. Seb, Ryder, Evan, Cozy, Aron and Aston were working out their muscles, trying to climb up onto the fort without the ropes, the slide or the ramp. It took a lot of strength. Everyone was very supportive, chanting and cheering on their friends as they tried to climb up.

We lined up at the door while Miss Dakota counted our friends as we went inside to wash our hands. Our hats were put away and we sat on the mat where we sang our good morning songs, did our welcome to country and chose the star of the day. Seb was our star today!

After a delicious morning tea we did some Christmas craft. We enjoyed getting a little messy with the paint, making footprints and hand prints, creating very cute reindeer. We stuck a big red nose on them and can’t wait to hang them up as our Christmas decorations.

We did a big practice for our graduation today, doing some beautiful sign language and beautiful singing. What a great day!

Thank you for a wonderful day Kindergarten 1.

Miss Sophie and Miss Dakota 🙂

Written by elckindy

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