Hello and good afternoon to all our Kindergarten 1 friends and families welcome to Tuesday the 13th of August 2019.

Today our friends Seb, Amelia S, Willow, Cozy, Jae and Oliver were very busy in the sandpit, digging some big holes and using the bamboo water run to build some bridges. Indigo, Hallie and Olivia C were having a great time climbing on the fort rope.

We had our climbing equipment set up on the grass for our obstacle course, the sandpit was very popular today with our MUD Kitchen and the children mixed sand and water to create sandcastles all along the sandpit.

This morning as we were all enjoying being outside and everyone was playing so nicely together we decided to have an extend morning playing outside. While we were outside Mr Trevor arrived to take some of our friends down to the toddler yard for their tennis lesson. Our friends who play tennis were very excited as they received their own tennis shirt. We had a mini fashion show with the shirts very proud showing them to everyone.

We came inside just after 10am today, the children all worked together to pack away and tidy up the yard before we lined up outside the bathroom door to wash our hands and have our morning group time with Miss Sophie and Miss Shannen. During our group time on the mat we sung our good morning song, days of the week, talked about what day it was for us all then to change our Be Kind Program gesture to ‘Thank you Tuesday’, Miss Sophie read the story Tyrannosaurus Reg finishing off our group time with Star of the day and today our star is Evan!

The children transitioned from the mat to star of the day with Evan, for morning tea, morning tea today we had a freshly baked pineapple and coconut cake with a selection of fruits – watermelon, bananas and apple slices. The cake was very yummy and the children really enjoyed all the plates come back empty.

Once everyone had finished eating their morning and packed away their plates, drink bottles and stacked their chairs the children all had free choice play today before we had our Bravehearts Show this morning in the Kindergarten 1 room.

Everyone was very excited to watch the show Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure. During the show today the children meet Ditto, danced and sung to songs with Ditto, learned about Differentiating ‘yes’ and ‘no’ feelings, Recognising the bodies ‘warning signs’, Body ownership, Helping children identify language and feelings associated with secrets, Reinforcing that there is no secret that children cannot tell someone, What to do if you feel unsafe or unsure.

Children also learn ‘Ditto’s 3 Rules’, which are: We all have the right to feel safe with people. It’s ok to say NO if you feel unsafe or unsure. Nothing is so yucky that you can’t tell someone about it.

Our Bravehearts show was fantastic and the children were all very engaged. We all got a big group photo with Ditto and a sticker at the end.

See you all tomorrow

Miss Sophie and Miss Shannen

Written by elckindy