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Good afternoon families and friends,

Today, we welcomed a new friend – Lyla! Welcome to Kindergarten 1!

A big happy birthday to Sara, who will turn 4 tomorrow!! Thank you for the beautiful cup cakes. The children are looking forward to enjoying them for afternoon tea.

She had a lovely first day and smoothly eased into our routines. During morning tea, Lyla proudly showed us her bag, with her crayons in a special pouch. The children were encouraged to eat their fruit. Mealtimes are perfect for having conversations about healthy VS unhealthy, vitamins and minerals and all the ways that healthy food make our eyes sparkle and our hair shiny.

Mason and Rohan went straight to puzzles, whilst Arianna, Sara, Zoey, Milah, Hannah and Lyla explored the dress ups. To encourage independence and self-help skills, the children were reminded to try to place their dresses on the hangers when they were finished with the costume. We showed them how to carefully bring one end of the hanger into an arm hole and the next.

After that, Miss Qiu made some playdough with the children. We discussed the ingredients, portions, and even talked about how oil and water do not mix. Oil always floats on top of water! The children got to take turns stirring the mixture and holding the bowl. This encourages teamwork – a sense of working together. Everyone soon got an individual ball of playdough and added flour, more oil/food colouring mix, and glitter! Working with playdough isn’t only fun, it also helps to strengthen their fingers for formal writing in the future. Lewis and Edie kept asking for more glitter 🙂

We finished the morning off with some yoga with beautiful yoga cards (which are for sale) and some Alphablocks (letter sounds).


Note: There are some Australia Day notices in your children’s pockets which are located underneath the aircon in our room. Once again, we highly encourage parent participation! If you’d like to come in to read a story, tell a story, or share anything under the sun, please feel free to approach us!

Have a gorgeous afternoon.


Miss Qiu and Miss Bronagh


Written by elckindy

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