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Spare Clothes and Hats

As the weather heats up, we’ll have water in our trough for the children to use in their play. Kindly ensure that there is a sufficient change of clothes in your child’s bag. We sincerely apologise for the hat situation. Many hats have gone missing, as children from both classes have been helping themselves to any hat they see. Please ensure that your child comes to school with a hat, either the school’s or your own. There is a lesser chance of hats going astray if it’s not a school hat! Also, please return any spare hats that you might have at home.


In preparation for Big School, please feel free to add empty food containers/lunchboxes into your child’s bag! They will practise recognising, clipping, unclipping them and having morning tea in them. Prep teachers encourage children to strengthen their fingers and learn to use the containers whilst at Kindergarten, so that they don’t have to spend time teaching them to do so in prep.

Christmas Party

Date: 8th Dec

Time: 10-11am

Venue: Carpark outside gym

Information: Just 2 adults, or 1 adult and 1 child/infant, please. We’ll be singing some Christmas songs, there’ll be nibbles provided and some fun activities set out. This will be a time to mingle with the other parents and have a jolly good time.

Dear Families and Friends,

We are getting the children excited about Christmas and had a Christmas chat this morning in the yard. Together, we decided that we need to get The Elf into our classroom sooner than the 25th of November!

Back inside, we brainstormed ways we could do this.

During morning play, some children started on their christmas ornaments with Miss Bronagh, as others decorated our Christmas tree with christmas decorations and collage materials. Miss Qiu was so proud of  them as they cooperated, took turns and shared the decorations with each other. She suggested drawing christmas pictures and attaching it to our tree.

Other children wanted to continue with doctor’s play. Instead of a doctor’s clinic, we had a vet. Our puppets were sick and we need them medicine!

Have a lovely afternoon!


Miss Qiu and Miss Bronagh