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CBCA Book Week this week, October 17th-23rd

Book character dress up day Thursday, 22ndOctober. Feel free to bring a favourite book to school every day during book week!


For our doctor’s clinic: medicine dispenser/syringe (the one used for dispensing syrup-y medication), gloves, small torches, bandages, etc.

For our loose parts play: Sea shells, glass pebbles, anything pretty!









Good afternoon families and friends,

This morning Miss Mckenzie came in for Art Therapy. Before we sat with Miss McKenzie, we sat on the mat, sang our good morning songs, greeted each other then got ready for morning tea. Miss McKenzie read a story called, ‘Lifetimes.’ This story explores grief and loss by looking at lifespans for plants, animals and people. We done some meditation then started our activity. The children got a sheet of paper each and using glue, paint brushes and various colours of paper to signify life.

Other activities we had today where, following up from yesterday’s green play dough, our friends made more monsters.

Oscar. Z  – “I’m making a scary monster, a spooky thing. She can eat people and sting things around it. It can fight anything with balls. She has lots of balls.”

Carter – “I’m making a scary monster with a big nose and and lots of eyes. Mine has so many stingers.”

Charlie – “Mine is a stingray with 2 breather on its back.”

Spencer – “i’m doing a ghost with lots of eyes, His eyes are all different colours.”

Sara, Zoey and Koa enjoyed drawing some pictures out of Sara’s special drawing book. So kind of you Sara to share your things with your friends. Sara,”I like to share my toys with my friends.”  It’s a bluey book and we all know how much our friends love bluey!

Kallum and Alexander helped eat other to make a big track for the wooden lorries we have. Kallum tried to make a big tower so the lorry would fit under the bridge. It fell over a few times but with a little bit of help Kallum was able to make it work. Kallum, “Yay, look Miss Bronagh, it worked.” Great job!

Also, we had more action in the doctor’s clinic. Some children took the dogs out and pretended that the animals were ill.

A busy day for us here in Kindergarten 1. Hope everyone has a great day,

Miss Qiu and Miss Bronagh