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Jingeri friends and families of our wonderful Kindergarten 1 friends and families, we hope that everyone enjoyed their long weekend and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine we had, we would like to thank everyone again for their efforts in our ANZAC service last week, we hope that everyone has seen the little video we have put together on our Facebook page, if you haven’t go and check it out!

A few remembers before we tell you all about our day:

  • Next Monday the 3rd of May we will be closed due to the public Holiday, Re opening Tuesday the 4th of May
  • Our mid year Parent/Teacher Interviews start on the 10th of May (please make sure you have filled in an available spot to attend) We would love to be able to see all our families for a little chat in preparation for your child to attend school next year. (If you are unable to make any of the times or days please see Miss Kate or Miss Shannen)
  • Mothers Day celebration is happening on the Friday 7th of May to be held at the Benowa Park from 3:30pm – 4:40pm. We hope to see you all there (Please note that if you wish for your child to attend, they will need to be with you at the park)

We would like to apologise for our photos today – we were having some issues with our camera today and hope to receive our new camera this week!

This morning we were all so excited to be back at Kindy – 3 days off feels so long for some of our friends, they were all full of excitement as they arrived for the day, welcoming one another to the day and ready for the big day ahead! With the cooler weather setting in lately we have been staying indoors a little bit longer than usual just until it is warm enough to head out and explore, on that note we are kindly asking if families can please pack warmer clothes for your child to change or dress into as the weather changes.  Once the sun was out and we could feel the warmth from the sun rays we were ready to go! We put on our exploring hats, shoes and applied sunscreen to protect our skin before we help one another get ready and line up at the gate, this morning we warmed up our bodies to our favourite Kids pop songs, ran up and down the ramp stretch our bodies, balanced our way across the obstacle course and dug into the middle of the Earth in the sandpit. We headed inside once Miss Shannen arrived with helpers setting up our tables with morning tea and to begin our daily program, while our friends put away their hats and joined Miss Kate on the group time mat, we started of group time with a very happy hello! And today we learned how to say hello in Italian – Ciao as we marked the class role together, we then picked our warm up dance song with lots of friends voting for Miss Shannen’s show today – Peanut Butter Jelly, we had all our the moves come out today from disco moves to worms and so much more! We had our very own little party! We were all puffed from all our dancing after that warm up dance song thats for sure, we then went straight into our days of the week where today we discovered that it was Tuesday and then we had our friends use their hands to help Miss Shannen write the date, day, month and year on the board before sending our weather bird to the window to tell us what the sky was doing today – we had sunny with some clouds ( Sun – Nyungal, Cloud – Joongun) followed by our welcome to country. We recapped on all our letters and sounds that we have been learning over the last few weeks – see it, say it, write it ( we said the letter, sound and then used our magic pens to write the letters) We had lots of friends with hungry bellies this morning so we transitioned into morning tea with the game eye spy! Using the letters we have been learning to play, our friends all enjoyed a yummy bowl of warm oats with custard and fresh fruit pieces. It was the perfect meal to warm up all our bodies.  Once everyone was finsihed we all then re joined Miss Kate on the mat for our affamations – I am Beautiful, Kind, Strong, Good, Big, Amazing, Pretty, Confident and GOING TO HAVE THE BEST DAY!  This morning for our table activities we had bricks, red playdough, dolls, dominoes and on the art table we had Miss Shannen with some of our friends doing Mothers Days gifts. We also had a group of friends enjoying yoga with Miss Bea on our yoga mats resting our minds and bodies.  Before we knew it, it was time to pavk away and get set up for lunch – today we ate all our lunch up with friends enjoying noodle salad and fresh salad bar.  Our friends who attend Gymnastics on a Tuesday headed down to gym with Miss Kate while our other friends all enjoyed drawing in their journals – the best part of their weekend and quite activities.  For the rest of the afternoon we then all enjoyed play time out in our yard with all our teahchers.  We have all had the best day and a great start to the week.  See you all tomorrow, enjoy your evenings.  Lots of love Miss Kate, Miss Shannen and Miss Bea xxx