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Halloween Week (this week)

We have noticed that the children love dressing up. Therefore, instead of designating Tuesday and Friday as dress-up days, please feel free to dress your child up in whatever costume they wish, every or any day of the week!


We’d like to include every kindergarten child in our graduation concert. Yes, even if your child isn’t going to Prep next year, they will still be part of our graduation concert, and you are invited to attend!

Also, we are very sorry that siblings aren’t allowed to attend. Bellevue Park Primary has COVID guidelines, which we have to follow as we are using their facilities. Thus, we can only allow 2 adults to attend.

Good morning families and friends,

Happy Halloween week!

We started the morning by greeting all our little witches and ninja turtles. The children are so excited to be in their costumes.

During morning group time, the children chose the word, ‘vampire’ as our invented spelling word of the day. Then, Miss Qiu explained that Miss Bronagh was going to do some face painting and Miss Qiu would help them construct a tower out of ‘ghost cups’.

After morning tea, Miss Veronica arrived for art therapy. Today, she focused on emotions.

Whilst Miss Veronica took 4 children at a time for small group art lessons, some children pretended to paint each other’s faces as they waited for their turn at face painting with Miss Bronagh. On the construction mat, Miss Qiu supported some children in their efforts to make a ghost cup tower. Our friends also explored the sensory table and used our loose parts to make ramps for their cars.

For our book break today, Miss Maca read Sara’s book, The Magic Beach.

Carter did a show and tell about his favourite animal, lizards.

Carter: They are thorny devils and they live in the dessert, where there are snakes. They have too many thorns, like prickle bushes. Predators run away from them. The bearded dragon has the beard because they use that to scare the predators away. They get to scare really big predators away because they’re poisonous.

Hunter: What do the thorny lizards do when it’s raining?

Carter: They go somewhere there’s rocks and they wait under it. I went to the dessert and saw 2 of these guys.

Have a lovely afternoon, everyone!


Miss Qiu, Miss Bronagh and Miss Maca.