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Hello and good afternoon to all our beautiful Kindergarten 1 friends and families, welcome to Thank you Tuesday, Tuesday the 29th of October 2019.

Today we had lovely weather to be outdoors with not a cloud in the sky! We had a fun and exciting obstacle course set up across the yard with ramps, bridges, stepping stones and hurdles and balance beams. We had lots of friends attempt the challenging course all doing a great job. Our cubby house’s have been lots of fun, the children are loving them, using their imagination to turn the cubby houses into many of things.  

The children used parts of the obstacle course to add some of the equipment to their cubby houses we had ladders laid down at outside the front entrance for a bridge to walk over to enter. Up on the deck we had our drawing table that was very popular today with friends enjoying the Halloween colouring in pages on offer.

As per usual we had an extend play time outside as we all were enjoying ourselves and our outdoor environment.

Some of our friends went down to the toddler yard with Mr Trevor and enjoyed their tennis lesson.

Once our friends had gone to tennis we all lined up and made our way inside with Miss Sophie and Miss Shannen.

We all practiced good hygiene today with our hand washing, using lots of soap and water washing top, bottom and in between.

During our mat times we have been starting it off with some breathing mediation and the children are loving it! We all listen to the calming music taking deep breathes in and out all together. We then welcomed and greeted all our friends and teachers to the day as we marked our class role. We sung our good morning songs, days of the week, changed our Be Kind program gesture card to Thank you Tuesday and had a little practice of our graduation song and dance, its coming up so fast!

The children all enjoyed a very yummy morning tea of freshly baked cake it was so fresh the cake was still warm for our bellies! We also had a platter of fresh fruit available.

Once everyone had finished eating their morning tea’s we had a morning of free choice play. We had so much happening but it was a lot of fun and everyone really enjoyed and played wonderful with one another. We had train tracks, babies and dress ups, connectors, lose parts, animals, dinosaurs, blocks spread across all the mats.

Just before we got ready four lunch and rest time Miss Sophie showed us all on the computer a little video that Miss Sophie and Miss Shannen have put together for our Graduation. We can’t wait for you all to see it! We really liked watching it and seeing all our faces and memories of this year.

See you all tomorrow

Miss Sophie and Miss Shannen  

Written by elckindy

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