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Note: The gym schedule is on the glass door at the entrance to the gym.

Note 2: Here is a gentle reminder to drop your child off by 9am. By doing so, your child will have some time to have fun in the sun with their friends!

Bonfire night! – 15thJuly, Wed 4-4.45pm. Join us for marshmallows and hot chocolate upstairs (I know, you’ll actually be allowed upstairs by then. Finally!) in our Kindergarten Playground. Please RSVPon the sign-up sheet at the entrance to the gym.

Good morning family and friends,

Time flies and it is the last day of June!

We started the day with a healthy, hearty morning tea of beans and bread. The beans were not too popular, but we tried to encourage the children to eat it anyway. After all, they are full of protein.

Following morning tea, Miss Qiu explained how we were going to make boats today. Step by step, she explained the process of folding, cutting and drawing a sail. We also discussed different materials of wood, plastic and metal. Charlie recognised the foam that we were going to make the boats with. Rohan added that foam is poisonous. He is absolutely right! They are detrimental to our environment.

Next, it was time for morning play. With much enthusiasm, the children started on their sails. LEGOs were also popular, as the children continued to make houses, planes and ‘cool’ toys. In home corner, the children are still playing with the cubby houses.

Before lunch, we finished the morning with Alexander’s show and tell. He’d been on a plane and a boat in Sydney. He said that he was at church. Miss Qiu then explained time with the use of a pretend-clock. When the ‘long black hand’ reached 8, they will have to pack away and get ready for rest time.

Finally, we enjoyed a delectable ‘poke bowl’ lunch. There was brown rice, edamame beans, tuna, avocado, seaweed and soy sauce.

Have a beautiful afternoon and do remember to RSVP to our bonfire night!


Miss Qiu & Miss Bronagh and Mr Don

Written by elckindy

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