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Floral Friday

Please dress your child up in floral clothes or flowers this Friday, 6thNovember.

Graduation rehearsal next Monday, 9thNovember!

We will be going to Bellevue Park State School next Monday for a rehearsal from 9-11am.

Morning tea: 8.30am

Leaving on the school bus: 8.50am sharp.

Please try not to be late, but if you will be, simply meet us at the school.

If your child doesn’t come to kindy on Monday, yes, they will miss the rehearsal! However, we have been practising our songs every day for the last few weeks. Your child should be good on the day.

Graduation, Friday, 13thNovember

Venue: Bellevue Park State School Hall

Seated by: 5.30pm

Concert will begin at: 6pm

Dress code: Smart

Estimated end time: 7.30-8pm

If your child will be at kindy on Friday, please pick them up prior to the concert. This is to ensure that they have something to eat, have a break, and get dressed before the concert.

Christmas Party

Date and time: 8thDecember 10-11am

Venue: Big carpark beside the Kindergarten building.

Due to COVID guidelines, only 2 adults are allowed, and the school will provide nibbles for this occasion. The children will sing you some Christmas songs, and we’ll have some nice activities set out.

Good afternoon friends and family,

Happy Tuesday!

I hope we are all having a wonderful day and ready for our upcoming graduation next week! How fast is this year going?!

This morning started off with Mr Don reading books to our friends that’s arrived early as well as some free drawing and games.

We then moved to some outside play in the yard for the morning to let out all our energy. From there our friends transitioned to wash our hands to get ready for group time and morning tea. With Miss Bronaugh away enjoying her holidays, Mr Don Assisted Kindy 1 for the day.

After completing group time and learning our days of the week and singing some songs, it was time to eat!

Our new menu for the month started this week which the kids were excited about. After our tummies were full with delicious fresh fruit and healthy cake, we got ready for Art Therapy. The children absolutely love their time engaging with the material and stories which saw them painting with fluorescent paints. Whilst some friends were enjoying their time with Art, other friends were sorting our equipment out in Doctors corner.

Some of our friends also played a new game where they had to get ping pong balls (wrapped up like Halloween Ghosts) in a bucket. This allowed them to manipulate speed for throwing; position of holding the ball as well as test their skills from different throwing distances`1 (low and high and close and far). As well as Art Therapy, we were extra lucky to have a show today – Ditto’s keep safe adventures.

Finally, it was time for lunch of asian stir-fried noodles full of healthy vegetables.

Have a wonderful afternoon, everyone!


Miss Qiu, Mr Don and Mr Lachie.