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Hello and good afternoon to all our beautiful Kindergarten 1 friends and families, welcome to Tuesday, 3rd of December 2019.


This morning we all had a fabulous play outside, enjoying the beautiful morning sun. Evan and Archer were digging a huge hole in the sandpit. They even reached the bottom!
Hallie and Indigo loved the drawing table! Indigo folded up her paper, drew on some buttons and numbers and created a mobile phone. Very clever of you Indigo!

Once it was time to come inside, the children lined up at the door, washed their hands, put their hats away and sat on the mat ready for group time. Here the children sang their good morning songs, did our welcome to country and chose our star of the day. Poppy is our star today!

We had a big sorting day today. After a delicious morning tea, the children gathered around the tables. Here Miss Sophie tipped out all of the craft boxes onto the tables. We placed the boxes in a row and the children were in charge of sorting all of their craft materials into the boxes where they belonged. What a productive day!

Thank you for a lovely day Kindergarten! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Miss Sophie and Miss Shannen




Written by elckindy

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