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Good afternoon families and friends,

I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend we all had. What beautiful weather we had for it!

At this mornings group time we made our acknowledgement to the country, revised our numbers 1-20 and our ABC’s. We sat down for morning tea, lovely fruit and pancakes. Everyone enjoyed it. Miss Bronagh went over all the information we know about the solar system so we could wrap it all up today. Miss Bronagh put up our classes effort of the solar system, the sun and the planets, if only you could all come and see it!

We had art therapy today, we read a lovely story called, ‘The Invisible String.’ It explored the concept of connection and belonging through an invisible string of love. Our friends had a piece of paper and they got to use glue to stick different lengths and coloured string on to the page.

In-between art therapy, our friends had fun helping Miss Bronagh display our very own solar system. We made the sun and the different planets. Our friends were very excited about this! Some of our friends had fun playing on the construction mat, making rocket ships out of lego, pretending to be in space. In the home corner, our friend were pretending to be a big family with babies, mummy, daddy and of course animals.

Milan had her show and tell today, she showed us her favourite rabbit. She also brought a book in called ‘Fat Rabbit.’ She loves when fat rabbit gives cuddles so she can cuddle her rabbit. Olivia got to bring Mr Cockatoo home for the weekend. Olivia told her friends what she got up to at the weekend. She went swimming, to the park, played in her garden. Olivia even made Mr Cockatoo some special food and a special bed. How beautiful Olivia. Thanks for looking after Mr Cockatoo so well.

Miss Broangh asked her friends what they had learned today, Milah answered, ” I learned how to love people and make connections.’ What a beautiful thing to say Milah!

Enjoy the rest of your day,

Miss Qiu and Miss Bronagh