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Jingeri families and friends of our wonderful Kindergarten 1 class, welcome to our blog for Wednesday the 14th of April 2021, we hope that everyone has had a wacky Wednesday just like we all have here in Kindergarten 1. This is a little snippet on our day here at the Hills….

Before we begin here are some reminders:

  • Please ensure you have a mask when entering the Centre and stay near the noticeboard/outside.
  • ANZAC day is next week- we are looking for photos of family members in the military. If you have any please bring in or email to the office.
  • Please join us for our ANZAC service Friday 23rd April at 2.30pm in the PK/SK yard.
  • Parent/Teacher meetings are filling up- Please place your child’s name in a slot (the sheet is by the Ipad) These will begin May 10th. We will be discussing new goals and anything our friends may need to develop as well as School reediness. A meeting with your teacher is the first step to a collaborative partnership focused on the best interests of your child.

This morning when we all arrived we noticed a few different things set up in the yard from Miss Shannen, it all looked so exciting and we all couldn’t wait to get out in the sunshine and check out the set up for today!

While we waited for the sun to warm up the yard and to come out from behind the clouds some of our friends help Miss Shannen with finishing off our paper plate poppies in preparation for our up coming Anzac service, while other friends explored some of the activities throughout the room.

We slip, slop and slapped on our hats and sunscreen before then lining up as soldiers to head outside!

Our friends found the activities that Miss Shannen had set up across the yard we had a troff that was filled with lots of shaving cream with dinosaurs in the centre- where then our friends used their hands to wash the dinosaurs and play with the foam, some friends rubbed in on their hands and even faces creating their very own Santa’s beard! Before then heading over the water play troff where they found coloured water (blue and green) with glitter throughout along with strainers, boats and water play toys where friends transferred the blue and green water creating more colours with the water. We also had out the obstacle course, train tracks and sandpit toys and buckets and how could we start off our Wednesday morning without grooving and moving along to some of our favourite songs.

As we were all enjoying the sunshine so much we decided to stay outside for a little while longer…


Once inside we began our program and group time joining Miss Kate and Miss Shannen down on the group time mat – we acknowledged the country, warmed up to “I’m Losing It” We sang the days of the week, found out the date and weather and recapped our letters and sounds. This week sound it “n” we practised saying it and then with our magic pens we went “Down Nobby and over his net”. Friends then thought of some “n” words













We then transitioned with stating the opposite to what Miss Kate said. For example, “wet” and “dry”. We then headed into the bathroom and washed our hands with lots of soap and water practising good hygiene before then sitting down at the tables with our drink bottles where we all enjoyed a yummy freshly baked cake and fresh fruit pieces and had group conversations amongst ourselves about what we had for dinner last night. After we finished our cake and fruit we headed to the mat with Miss Kate where we engaged in our Affirmations- I am Big, thankful, beautiful, powerful, happy, grateful, peaceful. While we finished off our Affirmations Miss Shannen set up the tables for us with lots of activities for the morning.

We had a table of brick blocks, mosaic shapes, free expression drawing and our red coloured playdough along with our Anzac playdough mats and over at the art table we had lots of busy bees decorating and painting more paper plate poppies!

Soon it was lunch time today- freshly made pumpkin soup with Turkish bread to dip in and finish off the soup, we absolutely loved todays lunch eating it all up! With some friends enjoying it so much that they had a pumpkin moustache! Friends went off to gym with Miss Kate and the others rested their bodies and minds before we all journaled what the best part of our day was…

This afternoon we practised and practised our ANZAC service songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqtttbbYfSM

And engaged in quite table activities

Thank you for another great day friends, have a great evening and we will see you all tomorrow

Lots of love Miss Kate and Miss Shannen xx