CBCA Book Week NEXT WEEK October 17th-23rd (yes, again!)
Book character dress up dayMonday, 17thOctober and Thursday, 22ndOctober. Feel free to bring a favourite book to school every day during book week!
For our doctor’s clinic: medicine dispenser/syringe (the one used for dispensing syrup-y medication), gloves, small torches, bandages, etc.
For our loose parts play: Sea shells, glass pebbles, anything pretty!
For our recycled art: small boxes (e.g. tissue box- sized and smaller)


Good afternoon families and friends,

What a lovely wet day it is here today. This morning we played inside for a while. We played Lego, did some drawing and musical chairs. When the rain stopped, we went outside to play in the sand pit. Milah asked if she could have a balloon, so Miss Bronagh blew up 6 or 7 balloons for her friends to play with outside.

We came in for morning group time, sat down on the mat and sang our good morning songs. We greeted our friends and made the acknowledgment to the country. Miss Qiu went through some rhyming words with our friends – cat-mat, house – mouse, fun – bun etc. She then went on to talk about the first and the last letter of our names. Our friends know the sounds and letter of their first names, so we moved onto the last letter. Our friends had to listen out for the last letter of their name, then go line up for morning tea.

For morning tea, we enjoyed bananas, strawberries and rock melon with yogurt and raspberry jelly.

Chen Xi was the teacher’s helper today and did his show and tell. He brought in a small boat. He talked about how the fan on the back of the boat helped made it move. Chen Xi said he has lots of small toys. He said, “It’s not for water, you push it on the floor and you can race the boats. My baby brother likes to play this toy too, he doesn’t break it and he’s 2 year old and he’s so strong, but i am more strong and he is small. I am bigger than him.”

Miss Qiu asked Chen Xi to put some toys on the table. He chose Lego, connecting flowers and the memory game. On the last table, Miss Qiu had set up an activity for painting their own witches. Miss Qiu made one to show our friends then let them do it themselves. Our friends also played on the construction mat, using sample carpets, blocks, the heuristic play items and the dolls house. When playing the Lego, our friends used the tape measure to measure how long or how big their item where that they made.

Miss Jen came for dance class. All our friends got their hats on and outside we went to learn our dances. All our friends put on their dancing feet then off they went. With lots of space to move around outside and shake our pom poms the children had lots of fun dancing.

We came back inside and got ready for lunch. We packed all our toys away together and sat down for another group time. Miss Qiu continued talking about plastics and our environment, and what we could do to limit the amount of plastics that we used.

For lunch we had chicken salad wraps which included: tomatoes, cheese, cucumber, corn, salsa dip and avocado dip. Our friends said they like this lunch as much as they like the pizza. Safe to say everything was eaten up.

We sat down for a story time and to play quiet activities such as, reading, drawing, painting and the memory game.

I hope everyone had a lovely day,

Miss Qiu and Miss Bronagh