Kindly return all reading books. Thank you!




Good afternoon families,

We had a fun morning all playing together in the Kindergarten 2 class. After we had morning tea it stopped raining, so we decided to go outside for a good run around. We dug up some dirt and looked for Ladybugs.

Inside the classroom we played the memory game, the magnetic toys, dress up, families, sensory play, readying books and of course the Lego.

Lots of fun with our friends before the children start leaving kindergarten. Reminiscing about the start of the year, looking through old pictures and talking about how far our friends have come and how big they have all grown. We talked about how the children were when they first started kindergarten, some friends were shy and quiet, now they are full of beans and are friends with everyone. We talked about how you might feel shy when you go to big school, but you will met new friends and have so much fun!

Hope everyone is having a great day,

Miss Qiu, Miss Bronagh and Miss Shannan