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K1 Raffle Basket

Thank you so much for returning the raffle tickets with $5! Now, we have one more favour to ask of you. May you please pop a ‘present’ into Kindergarten 1’s raffle gift basket? This could be anything that you have that could be useful – a mug, some tea, a pack of UNO cards, a soft toy. Thank you once again. We know that we’ve been asking a lot of you this time of the year!


In preparation for Big School, please feel free to add empty food containers/lunchboxes into your child’s bag! They will practise recognising, clipping, unclipping them and having morning tea in them. Prep teachers encourage children to strengthen their fingers and learn to use the containers whilst at Kindergarten, so that they don’t have to spend time teaching them to do so in prep.

Christmas Party

Date: 8th Dec

Dear families and friends,


Due to the windy weather, Miss Qiu was inspired to see if we could make pretend kites out of plastic bags and string. Miss Alex took half the children outside for this activity, whilst half the class stayed inside with Miss Bronagh to continue with our christmas presents.

Whilst exploring the plastic bags in the wind, the children found that a shorter lead made it work a lot better for them. However, a longer lead worked better for Miss Alex, who was taller. We could see some interesting problem-solving and hypothesising going on between them. This was active-learning in action!

We were so fortunate to have a Show and Tell by Florence, Patric and Matthew. Now that we have come to the end of the show and tell list, please feel free to bring in any show and tell of your child’s choice.

Then, we enjoyed dance with Miss Jenn. She taught them a new dance routine to Christmas songs.

Have a gorgeous afternoon, everyone!


Miss Qiu, Miss Bronagh and Miss Alex.