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Note: The gym schedule is on the glass door at the entrance to the gym.

Note 2: Here is a gentle reminder to drop your child off by 9am. By doing so, your child will have some time to have fun in the sun with their friends!

Bonfire night! – 15thJuly, Wed 4-4.45pm. Join us for marshmallows and hot chocolate upstairs (I know, you’ll actually be allowed upstairs by then. Finally!) in our Kindergarten Playground. Please RSVPon the sign-up sheet at the entrance to the gym.

Good morning family and friends,

Happy Birthday, Hannah!! You’re the first child to turn 5 in Kindergarten 1. Thank you for the lovely rainbow cupcakes that you have brought in for all of us!

First, we started the day with a sweet morning tea of mango jelly, bananas and honey dew. During meal times, we remind the children to have a drink of water. The teacher’s helper of the day will count, either till 20 or beyond, and the class will silently sip on their water bottles. Often, we talk to them about the importance of staying hydrated!

Following morning tea, Miss Qiu explained that half of the class will be going outside to test the boats out on some water. How exciting!

After that, it was time for morning play. Miss Bronagh did the memory game with them. At the same time, some children practised writing letters. Lots of children love playing with LEGO. It continues to be a popular open-ended toy that they love to manipulate into whatever they wish. Recently, they have been making aeroplanes and houses.

Before lunch, we finished the morning with Florence’s show and tell. She was on an aeroplane to Sydney and showed us a picture of her and her brother, Fletcher.

Mr Dingo made a special guest appearance. He sang us lots of songs and finger plays. Then, he talked about the change in month from June to July, seasons, weather, date.

Finally, we enjoyed fish pie for lunch. Healthy white meat! It was covered with a generous serving of cheese.

Have a beautiful afternoon and do remember to RSVP to our bonfire night!


Miss Qiu & Miss Bronagh and Mr Don

Written by elckindy

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