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Jingeri families and friends of our Kindergarten 1 classroom, yay the sun finally came out and shinned all day for us all – all that sun dancing must have worked yesterday, what a change in weather from yesterday! Friends all couldn’t wait to go out and play in the yard, climbing the climbing frames, sliding down the slides, and running around on the grass! We had missed being able to go out to our yard the last few days. With a the rain we had friends were all in the garden beds looking for worms and bugs that have all come out with the rain – we found lots!!! Over in the sandpit area friends used the rain water that they had cached in the buckets to help make the best sandcastles creating their very own castles for Kings and Queens, while others were busy baking and cooking in the MUD kitchen using it as their very own café/restaurant using all the pots and pans to bake sweet and cakes for all their guests who dinned in.

When Miss Shannen arrived we all headed inside to begin our day and program. We lined up and said Jingeri to Miss Kate as we all transitioned inside, putting our hats away and joining Miss Shannen on the mat, we started off our group time with our warm up dance song and we all picked for Pump It UP! Once we finished moving and grooving to Pump It Up we Acknowledged the Country. We found out the weather, Miss Kate introduced our new “Yugambeh language weather chart” We used our usual weather symbols but also used the yugambeh language one too, Jasmine  chose that it was sunny with clouds which is “joongun and Nyungal”. We found out the day, date and recapped our sounds. Miss Kate talked about the sound “d” as our sound of the week, it bounces and to write it we go “around the dinosaurs bottom and up and down his long neck! Words beginning with “d” we thought of were: Dentist, Doctors, Dad, Dolphin, Dog, Donut, Duck, Drink and Dance!



This morning we had the orange playdough out for friends to make their very own Donuts while on another table friends were helping Miss Shannen cut out some cardboard food for our café that we will be decorating tomorrow to go in, some of our friends also finished off Their Harmony Day people, we also had friends enjoying the Cloud café it was in full swing up and running with lots of orders coming out of the kitchen to all our hungry customers, some of our friends have been loving the race track that Miss Shannen has made on the cub shelf for friends to play with the cars and trucks, and with such a busy morning we squeezed in dance lesson with Miss Jen from Funky feet where we danced and today Miss Jen showed us all how to do a tumble roll just like we all do in Tumble Tots with Miss Kim and Miss Kate when we had finished we settled down for lunch and today was yummy pasta and Salomon with fresh salad bar filling up all our bellies.


Affirmations – I am, Brave, Confident, Strong, Big, Blessed, Loved, Beautiful, Amazing, Awesome, Excited and Going to have the best day!

I am grateful for…. My Mum, My Dad, My house, My beautiful teacher, Having my friends, yummy food.


This afternoon we chose to draw what our affirmations where for the day  in our journals, we then engaged in quite activities such as culture matching game, train track, puzzles, shapes, connectors and easter egg colouring in.



  • Easter Part 31st March 3.30pm-4.30pm. Please pick your child up and make your way to Benowa Park – Evans Drive and Sylvan Drive.
  • Hungry Caterpillar Excursion Friday 26th March- Please ensure your child has their drink bottle.
  • Centre is closed 2.4.21 and the 5.4.21 for Easter.
  • We are collecting for the Easter Raffle, you will find our basket in our room.

Thank you

Lots of love,

Miss Kate and Miss Shannen xx