March 25, 2020 General No Comments

Good afternoon everybody,

Hope your day has been going well. The kindergartens have been having lots of fun today as we where playing outside this morning and doing lots of running, jumping and skipping. Before we had our morning tea this morning, Miss Nadine brought her guitar out and we all sang some lovely songs, in English, German and Mandarin. The children loved joining in with the music. It was beautiful!

Milah, Edie, Maddison, Isla, Hannah and Skyla had lots of fun in the sand pit. Building forts and sand castles with each other. Filling their buckets up with water and bringing it to the sand. Each taking turns and helping each other.

Rohan and Lewis where looking for bugs, caterpillars and butterfly’s in the bushes and trees with Alaska. Alaska decided she would free the grasshoppers she had be looking after so they could be free and look for their families.

Julia drew a beautiful picture with rainbows, flowers and princess. she used bright beautiful colours and told Miss Bronagh all about her favourite picture.

We also engaged with some dancing before we had lunch. The children really enjoyed their pasta for lunch today as we had none left after the children ate it all. We talked about how every ones likes pasta and that the parents cook pasta at home.

It was good to see the sun come out and shine for us today,

Hope every ones day was as good as ours and every one is keeping safe.

Much love,

Qiu & Bronagh

Written by elckindy