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End of Year Transition Statements

You’ll find your child’s reports in their bags this week!




Christmas Raffle

May we kindly request that you add a few things to our K1 Christmas Raffle box? This does not have to be expensive and can include everyday items such as tea, coffee, chocolates, mugs, etc.

Christmas Party

8thDecember, Tuesday from 10-11am.  This will take place in our yard, upstairs! The children will be singing some Christmas Songs and regular songs that they sing every day. We’ll play some games, then dance and enjoy some nibbles. This will be a fantastic time for all the parents to exchange contacts and mingle. At the end, we’ll announce the winner of our Christmas Basket.

Good afternoon friends and families,

Today we had lots of fun outside. We decided to have a morning picnic out in the garden. We came inside, had group time and discussed our day. Some of us stayed inside with Miss Bronagh. We finished our Christmas cards, played with the dominoes, Lego, listened to Christmas music and lots of dancing on the big mat. Koa, Olivia, Charlie and Milah showed our friends their cool dance moves, handstands and even their cartwheels. Amazing friends. Miss Qiu then took the rest of  the children outside.

Miss Jen came for dance class. Our friends showed each other their cool individual dance moves. We played traffic lights where we got faster to slower depending on the colour of card. All our friends burned a lot of energy dancing their socks off.

Miss Qiu read a beautiful story called ‘A poop-powered Christmas,’ the children loved it!!

Hope you all had a great day,

Miss Qiu & Miss Bronagh