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Jingeri friends and families of our beautiful Kindergarten 1 class, we hope that everyone has had a terrific Tuesday just like we all have here in Kindergarten 1 with Miss Kate, Miss Shannen and all our friends, this is our Blog for Tuesday the 28th of April 2021.

A few remembers before we tell you all about our day:

  • Next Monday the 3rd of May we will be closed due to the public Holiday, Re opening Tuesday the 4th of May
  • Our mid year Parent/Teacher Interviews start on the 10th of May (please make sure you have filled in an available spot to attend) We would love to be able to see all our families for a little chat in preparation for your child to attend school next year. (If you are unable to make any of the times or days please see Miss Kate or Miss Shannen)
  • Mothers Day celebration is happening on the Friday 7th of May to be held at the Benowa Park from 3:30pm – 4:40pm. We hope to see you all there (Please note that if you wish for your child to attend, they will need to be with you at the park)

We would like to apologise for no photos today on our blog, our camera has died and we are in the process of ordering a new one, ,fingers crossed we receive it tomorrow!

This morning it was a bit chilly that’s for sure! We stayed indoors till after 8am this morning but mostly waiting for the sun to come out and warm up  the yard for us all, while we were inside this morning we had some friends having their very own breakfast club, we all sat around the table with Miss Shannen and our friends and enjoyed a yummy breakfast of champions – toast, yogurt, oats and wheet bix, some friends help Miss Shannen with hanging up our fallen solider art work that we did last week in honour of ANZAC day in our ANZAC display area, they look fantastic, we have also added to our ANZAC wall photos from our week and ANZAC service for all to see, make sure when your next in our room to have a look!  We packed away our the toys and activities we were all playing with, and lined up with our hats and sunscreen on before heading outside to explore todays activities out in the yard  – we had spinning tables, caring for babies, water play with connectors, chalk drawing on the black board, obstacle course, bikes, sandpit play, MUD Kitchen, climbing and sliding down the fort and slides, free expression drawing and moving and grooving to our favourite tunes.  We all enjoyed the sunshine till 9:30am then heading inside for yummy morning tea and to begin our day. Miss Shannen greeted our friends as they came inside with a Jingeri! Our friends put away their hats and found a spot on the mat ready for Miss Kate, we started off with our welcome to country, marked our class role, picked out our country for the day – today was Mexico and in Spanish we said Halo as we marked the class role, we then sung our days of the week and a new song called months of the year before then breaking it down into our warm up song – Lets get down to business.  Miss Kate then recapped on all the sounds and letters we have been learning – see it, say it, write it. The children then transitioned to morning tea with finding all the letters we have been learning within the room so friends thought outside the box with finding the letters on our keyboards, menus and own names! Everyone enjoyed a yummy selection of fresh fruits and a yummy cake that Mr Trevor had made us all, our friends loved eating the fresh fruit pieces filling up all their bellies for the morning, once everyone had finished we then re joined Miss Kate on the mat for our Affirmations I am – grateful, powerful, strong ,persistent, beautiful, brave, peaceful, brave, kind, big, blessed, happy and helpful. We had so many great ones today that they filled up the whole mirror.  Miss Kate then discussed to all our friends about the activities we had planed for today, on the tables we had small bricks, dominoes, puzzles, free expression drawing, playdough that Miss Shannen had made for us all and it smelt so good we wanted to eat it, our friends used their imagination and created unicorns. Over on another table Miss Shannen was with friends making their Mothers Day cards (shhh it’s a surprise)  Before we all knew it the time just flew by and it was time to get ready for lunch, today was one of our favouirtes – pumpkin soup with fresh Turkish bread to dip and soak up all the soup, we loved it! We some friends loving it so much they ate x2 bowls!  For the rest of the afternoon we all rested our mind and bodies listening to mediation music and drew in our journals – what we are grateful for….  Along with quite time activities and today our friend Kaia brought in a matching number game for us all to play. Before finishing the day off with out in the yard with all our friends and teachers.  Thank you friends for a great day! See you all tomorrow  Lots of love Miss Kate and Miss Shannen xx