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Parents Teacher Interviews

These will run for 10 minutes per parent and aren’t compulsory to sign up for. Please state if you’d like a phone conversation or a face-to-face meeting.

Monday, 16thNovember – 3.30-5pm

Tuesday, 17thNovember – 3.30-5pm

Christmas Party

Date and time: 8thDecember 10-11am

Venue: Big carpark beside the Kindergarten building.

Due to COVID guidelines, only 2 adults are allowed, and the school will provide nibbles for this occasion. The children will sing you some Christmas songs, and we’ll have some nice activities set out.

Halloween Week (23rd-30th Oct)

We have noticed that the children love dressing up. Therefore, instead of designating Tuesday and Friday as dress-up days, please feel free to dress your child up in whatever costume they wish, every or any day of this week!


Kindly remember to jot your names down on the easel in the reception area of the gym!


Good morning family and friends,

Miss Qiu brought 4 snails in this morning, which caused a huge stir amongst the children! Miss Bronagh extended on the children’s learning and investigations as they interacted gently with the snails.

After morning tea, it was time for Julia’s show and tell. She has a game called ‘Palm Push Sumo Game. Julia’s dad drew a picture for the instructions. Julia explained to her friends that you had to put both hands together and try to un-balance their hands feet. First, you had to pick a partner, sand face to face with their toes about 1 foot apart. You then had to push each other’s palms, until your opponent loses their balance or moves their feet. The winner was presented with a crown that Julia made at home.

During morning play, we continued with our Halloween theme. The children stacked ghost cups and made slime with our green play dough. Julia laid out drawing, connector flowers and dominoes. Also, some of our friends played with our sensory table.

Finally, Miss Jenn came for dance. Everyone enjoys dancing with her!

Have a beautiful afternoon.


Miss Qiu, Miss Bronagh and Miss Alex.