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Water Play Monday, 7th December

Next Monday, 7thDec will be a water play day. Please make sure that your child comes to kindy in crocs/sandals/thongs and has a change of clothes in their bag. Feel free to bring water guns J


During our Christmas Party on the 8th of December, our elf, Elfie will magic himself outside. May we kindly ask that you help us to move him to random places beyond the children’s reach? Stealthily, secretly J

Christmas Party

8th December, Tuesday from 10-11am.  This will take place in our yard, upstairs. The children will be singing some Christmas Songs and regular songs that they sing every day. We’ll play some games, then dance and enjoy some nibbles. This will be a fantastic time for all the parents to exchange contacts and mingle. At the end, we’ll announce the winner of our Christmas Basket.

Dear family and friends,

We spontaneously decided to stay outside a little longer, because there is a possibility that we might not get to go out later in the afternoon.

Today, we baked cookies, danced to Christmas music, created our own games and made letters out of unified cubes.

Above all, the children made Miss Qiu and Miss Bronagh very proud by showing us how they help each other. Throughout the year, we’ve really put in the effort to encourage the children to work as a team. Hopefully, they will continue to be kind as they move on to different schools next year!

Have a gorgeous afternoon.


Miss Qiu, Miss Bronagh and Miss Cindy.