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Floral Friday

Please dress your child up in floral clothes or flowers this Friday, 6thNovember.

Graduation rehearsal next Monday, 9thNovember!

We will be going to Bellevue Park State School next Monday for a rehearsal from 9-11am.

Morning tea: 8.30am

Leaving on the school bus: 8.50am sharp.

If your child attends kindy on Mondays: Please try not to be late, but if you will be, simply meet us at the school.

If your child doesn’t come to kindy on Monday: Yes, you are welcome to meet us at Bellevue Park State School for the rehearsal! However, you’ll have to drop them off at 9 am, leave (so graduation remains a secret), then pick them up from BPSS at 10 am.

Graduation, Friday, 13thNovember 

Venue: Bellevue Park State School Hall

Seated by: 5.30pm

Concert will begin at: 6pm

Dress code: Smart

Estimated end time: 7.30-8pm

If it’s possible, please try to pick your child up by 3pm. This is to ensure that they have something to eat, have a break, and get dressed before the concert.

Christmas Party

Date and time: 8th December 10-11am

Venue: Big carpark beside the Kindergarten building.

Due to COVID guidelines, only 2 adults are allowed, and the school will provide nibbles for this occasion. The children will sing you some Christmas songs, and we’ll have some nice activities set out.

Dear Family and Friends,

This morning, our invented spelling word of the day was ‘Christmas’ Our friends helped Isla, who’s the teacher’s helper today to spell ‘Krismus’.

After morning tea, Miss Qiu made a mind map with the children. We had to work as a team to figure out what to do for Christmas decorations!

Then, Mr Lachie continued to play ghost throw with the children, whilst Miss Larissa and our little helpers made stars out of art work from yesterday’s Art Therapy.

Following morning play, we had dance with Miss Jenn.

Before lunch, Matthew did his show and tell on Mr Dingo, and we practised our concert songs.

Have a lovely afternoon, everyone!


Miss Qiu, Miss Larissa and Mr Lachie.