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Jingeri to all our wonderful friends and families of our Kindergarten 1 room, welcome to Wet Wednesday and our blog for the 7th of April 2021. We hope that everyone has had a lovely day and as much as we all have here in Kindergarten 1 with our friends, Miss Kate and Miss Shannen.

Well what a fun and exciting morning we have all had today, Miss Kate and Miss Shannen sent out an email late afternoon to all our parents informing them on our rainy wet morning we had planned. We all arrived with our gum boots and favorite rain coats and how could we forget the umbrellas too!

We had a play in the undercover sandpit area with all our friends and friends from Kindergarten 2 till it was time for us to head inside and begin our day our program.

Today as a group we repeated affirmations then Miss Kate stated that one by one we would look in the mirror and state our affirmation, Miss Kate would write it on the mirror.

I am…

Beautiful, enough, me big, brave, peaceful, powerful, strong, kind, confident, blessed and WE ARE GOING TO HAVE THE BEST DAY!


This morning friends were welcomed by Miss Kate with a high 5, fist pump or a hug and a big Jingeri (Welcome in Yugambeh Language).

Wednesday- Lola

7th- Toby

April- Emily

2021- All friends

Weather Bird Amelia.D- raining- „Jabang (wet)

Friends placed their names on the feelings

Counting 1-20 forwards and backwards 10-1.

We recapped all sounds we have learned  See it, Say it, Write it  with Miss Kate introducing ‘i’ “down the insects body with a dot on the top”

I words

Indi- Kaia

Insect- Zara


Indigo- Fynlee

Ink- Sophia

Igloo- Aaron


With our friends transitioned to our yummy morning tea with having their heigh measured on our Height Ruler that Miss Shannen had brought for our classroom, we loved seeing that some of us were all the same height. We will be measuring at the end of the year for our friends to see how tall they have all grown!


Everyone enjoyed a yummy plate of fruit jelly and fresh fruit with a side of custard filling up all our bellies for the morning and giving us lots of energy for our raining morning. Once all our friends finished eating their morning tea we all got changed into our wet rainy clothes and we were READY! With children being excited about the rain and discussing how much we have had we headed outside in our raincoats and gumboots to play in puddles. We had lots of time splashing and dancing in the rain and we even found a worm that wanted to come and join in on all the fun!! We had an absolute ball we were sliding down the slide in our coats and catching the rain drops in our hands! We didn’t want to go back inside after all that fun.


We headed back inside for the rest of the morning and enjoyed some table activities before we settled down for lunch and a rest, Lucia, Leon, Anthony and Jordie explore the new construction blocks. They were small red brick like blocks. Lucia was proud of her creation she copied the picture.

Lola and Fynlee played the culture matching game- This began a discussion of if one was a boy or girl. Miss Kate spoke about how boys and girls can have long or short hair. We then explored how in some cultures- like Scottish the males wear kilts. Luke, Aaron and Kaia played bingo.


Lunch was the perfect meal to enjoy on a wet and rainy day like today – with everyone eating up all their yummy pasta and Salmon with fresh avocado, peas, tomatoes and cheese to sprinkle on top! Our friends all had a discussion amongst themselves about rain- Question of the day- Where does rain come from? How do we get it?


At rest time we sat by ourself and drew either “I am grateful for” or “I am…” or “The best part of the day” Today we chose “im grateful for” We are all doing really well with our journals and love that we all have our very own.


For the rest of the afternoon we all enjoyed playing in the sandpit and when the sun would come out we all made the most of running around on the yard.


A friendly reminder to all our parents and friends if we can all please keep our masks on when dropping off and picking up and we kindly ask that you stay at the Kindergarten 1 gate


Enjoy the photos and we will see you all tomorrow


Lots of love Miss Kate and Miss Shannen xx