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Reading Books exchange system

Our reading books will now be located downstairs, in the gym, so that you’ll be able to pick a book with a child. We kindly ask that you make sure to return a book, before taking another one. Thank you!


Please make sure that your child comes to school with a hat on their head. If they don’t have a hat, they wouldn’t be able to go outdoors for a play as they wouldn’t be sun-safe.

Heuristic Play

Heuristic play is the uninterrupted interaction between children and everyday items around the house. Through their imagination and ideas bounced off their peers, they discover different ways of arranging and interacting with the objects.

We’d love to add more treasure to our heuristic play area. If you have some ‘treasure’ lying around, unwanted at home, please bring it in! Thank you!


Glass pebbles


Nuts and Bolts

Sea Shells

Small boxes with lids


Our graduation will take place either on the 12th or 13th of November. We have been wondering if there is something easy that you could make for your child. (e.g., a simple wrist-band with bells on it.) We’re just gathering ideas right now, so if you have any nice ideas, please let Miss Bronagh or Miss Qiu know!

Good afternoon families and friends,

This morning we started our day with group time. We said our acknowledgement to the country. We revised our sounds and numbers, Zoey was the teachers helper today. We washed our hands and lined up for yummy morning tea of fruit, yogurt and jelly.

Miss Qiu followed up on volcanoes (from yesterday’s “what would you like to find out about the Earth?”) and talked about cracks on the Earth’s surface, and the ring of fire. Japan, where Julia, Maddison and Shion’s parents are from, has lots of volcanoes on it.

After morning tea, we had another group time. Miss Bronagh talked to the children about going to the bathroom and keeping our private parts to ourselves. Knowing what is appropriate or not, is part of school readiness. We talked about not showing anyone our parts, as they are just for us. We talked about how its ok when we are at home and having baths and shower, and our mummy’s and daddy’s have to help us. Also, we talked about how its ok to ask a teacher to help clean our bottoms, but not our friends.

Miss Jen came today for our dance class. We stayed indoors for this as its getting so warm outside. First, Miss Jen had different colour spots on the ground. Our friends had to listen to the music and when a certain colour was mentioned, our friends had to pick that colour up. It was like playing musical chairs but with coloured spots. This was a great game and the children enjoyed it. We had to stop our dance class as we had a lock down drill!  All our friends listened so well to us and stayed super quiet. Miss Qiu explained that we were doing a ‘lock down’ and that it was necessary to practise, just in case of real emergencies. No one was scared and we patiently waited for a phone call to tell us everything is well. The drill was successful. Well done, Kindergarten 1!

After dance, we played activities. Some children got to paint a face onto our special bags we have for graduation gifts. Others played on the mat with cars, trucks, connecting flowers, heuristic play area, memory game, big connect a shape and puzzles. Our friends moved around the room, trying the different play station available. Our friends had lots of choices today.

We then got ready for a small group time. We talked about the planet Earth, volcanos and earthquakes. We watched a video about volcanoes in Japan. The children seemed very interested in volcanos and the centre of the earth. We then got ready for lunch, chicken wraps with salad. the children must have enjoyed this meal as they where so very quiet while eating!

After lunch, our friends sat on the mat and read books together. We then played some quiet activities, before putting on sunscreen and headed outside for afternoon tea and lots of running around before our parents come to collect us.

Hope everyone had a great day,

Miss Qiu and Miss Bronagh