We hope you and your child have been enjoying the use of our reading books. Soon, we will stop the program. This is so that the books have time to be returned for next year’s Kindergarten classes to use.

Kindly return all reading books by next Monday, 14th December.

Dear families and friends,

Today we decided to have lots of fun outside. We came inside for our morning tea and group time. A big thank you to Olivia for bringing in lovely christmas bubble pens for all her class friends. Everyone loved them and thought they where so much fun.

After morning tea and group time we went outside to play hide & seek, frozen reindeers and tag. We all sat in a big circle and put our toes together so we could decided who would be the seeker first. Our friends done soon much running around today, burning off lots of energy. Everyone played o well together, chasing each around and around with lots of laughs and giggles.

Miss Jen came for her last day of dance class with the Kindergartens. We had lots of fun dancing to Christmas songs and getting into the festive season. Everyone gave Miss Jen a big hug and said thank you to her!

Everyone enjoyed making their own burgers for lunch today, yum yum! They were all gobbled up.

Just want to thank everyone again for the lovely gifts you gave us yesterday. Very much appreciated!

Hope you all have a lovely day,

Miss Qiu and Miss Bronagh