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11th May, 2016

Good Afternoon Families,

Today we are continuing our learning about Aboriginals, we did this by looking at the aboriginal book and talking about how they lived, how they hunted and caught their food and the different artwork they created and how they created their artwork. We continued this by using our handprints and using chalk to create our hand prints and will be using dot painting tomorrow to complete our pictures.

We also had a visit from the speech therapy students they came and read the Cranky bear story to us and played some fun games with us, we sang some songs then we made our own special cranky bears but used different emotions when we were creating them.

We also had lots of fun using sand within the classroom, we used them to draw different Aboriginal symbols on top of the sand and used them to create our own stories after talking about what the different symbols are. We also used the sand to play with the dinosaurs using the sand as a base for them to play in. We also had a lot of fun playing outside in the sandpit digging big holes and burying different things in the sandpit, we then came inside and created some treasure maps for the things we buried in the sandpit. DSC00487 DSC00491 DSC00492 DSC00495