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12th May, 2016

Good Afternoon Families,

Today we had a quiet day where we played very nicely all day together. We started off the day with playing outside, building different things in the sandpit and playing games together, we ran around together playing different catch games and raced the bikes around.

when we came inside we had lots of fun learning about the Aboriginals and we had a look at some dot paintings and decided to create our own special dot paintings using cotton buds and different colours. We also spoke about the dreamtime stories and why it is good to look at different cultural stories around us.

We also had soccer today if you would like your child to play soccer please talk to a staff member about the sign up form and costs.

We found a dragon fly today so we had lots of fun catching it and releasing it outside where it was safe. IMG_0104 IMG_0105 IMG_0106 IMG_0107