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April 14th, 2016

Good afternoon families, we had a busy day today since it was raining we had fun staying inside and doing lots of different activities together. We started by having a play inside with Kindy and building lots of different things and using the pins and hammers together to make pictures.

We also had soccer today only some of us played, if you would like your child to play please sign them up to play, you can talk to a staff member if you are unsure how to do this. The children had lots of fun doing this, moving the ball around with our feet and kicking the balls into the net, we also had lots of fun running around and playing lots of different games.

Today we also found a stick insect outside, Eljay brought a book in about insects so we looked at the information about stick insects in the book and spoke about where they live and what they look like, after Mr Lachie spoke to us about the stick insect we all went outside and released it together into the tree. After we released it we had a look around to see if we could find it but it was already blended into the tree.

We also learnt a new song today called 5 little dinosaurs which we were interested in and each chose a song to sing together during our group time. We also rearranged the letters in STOP together and had a look at the different words we could make by using the sounds of the letters. We took turns in changing around the letters to see what we could make. We also revised our numbers, shapes and colours together.

DSC00186 DSC00196 DSC00198 DSC00199 DSC00201 DSC00204 DSC00205 DSC00206 DSC00207 DSC00209 DSC00212For our art today we started painting our puzzle pieces so we can make our tree for Autism awareness as April is Autism awareness month and we will be talking about how we are all different but we should include everyone around us and speaking about how some people need a little more help than others but that is ok and it is ok to ask for help if we need it. We also used charcoal and did some leaf and shell rubbings, we placed the leaves under the paper and used the charcoal to bring out the patterns on the leaves.