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16th June, 2016

Good afternoon families

We had a quiet day today, we all played so nicely together. We started off playing inside for a while this morning as it is still very cold, please ensure your child has shoes and a jumper or jacket in case it gets cold in the afternoon. When we did go outside we had lots of fun, Miss Nicole opened the net and we had a big play on that while taking it in turns to have a go. We rode some bikes around and had lots of fun in the sandpit.

When we came inside we had lots of fun with our new kitchen, we made lots of different food. We also introduced some syringes into the room, which we used throughout the day to play doctor and vet, some of the children looked after our animals but ensuring they got their medicine and rested up, we didn’t have any bandages but will be adding some bandages to continue their play. Some of the children also looked after some of the other children saying they were patients, and some of the children spoke to everyone about when they went to the doctors and some of us went to the hospital so we spoke about what they do there.

DSC00996 We did some painting as well today, we had lots of fun using paint brushes, syringes and some sticks to create our own special pictures. We also did some puzzles today which we were able to match the words together using the book as reference and also match the letter with the picture with a bit of help from the teachers. DSC00997 DSC00999 DSC01000 DSC01001