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17th May, 2016

Good afternoon families!

We have had an exciting time looking at dinosaurs as we wanted to go back to looking at all the different dinosaurs and using them for our activities. Today we used our boxes and rolls to create our own special dinosaur, we looked at different pictures of the dinosaurs for our inspiration. We started by painting them, then sticking them onto each other to create our special dinosaurs. 

We also had some colouring pages for dinosaurs and placed a matching game and matched the 2 sides together to create the dinosaur, the children had lots of fun with this.

During group time today we spoke about the different dinosaurs we know and how some eat meat and some each vegetables and plants, we also looked at how different the dinosaurs look. We learnt a new rhyme today using the same rhyme tune as brown bear brown bear to look at different colours and shapes, we had lots of fun shouting out what colour and shape they were. We also had lots of fun using different puppets together.

We played with lots of toys today, using the blocks to create big buildings and walls, using the mobile to create different vehicles, flying them around when we build the planes and driving them around on our road we made with the cars and trucks. We had lots of fun playing with the sand outside, making ponds and playing with the dinosaurs inside it.

If you have any dinosaur books that you would like to share with the class, please feel free to bring them into the class to share.