Welcome to a fun Friday in Kindergarten 2 🙂

In the morning we had a great play outside enjoying this gorgeous winter sun, kicking the ball through the yard, playing in our mud kitchen and building high towers with our big lego blocks.

After coming inside for some yummy morning tea of fresh fruits and raisin toast we came back into our room and loved exploring the sensory play Miss Dani had set up for us. She had made green slime with cornflour and water and the children loved picking up the slimy gooey mess realizing it turns into runny slime as soon as the mush it up in their hands. So much fun!

On another table we had an art activity with lots of different collage material and our friends were able to choose a colored paper and follow their own interest using glitter, glue stick, cotton balls and so much more. So much creativity and fine motor practice.

Home corner was very busy with friends caring for our baby dolls, dressing them nice and warm and nursing them in their arms, in the pram or cot and changing the babies nappies and feeding them.

What a great lovely way to end this week.

Just a little reminder as to our food policy. If you make your child a little breakfast in the morning to bring into kindy make sure its nut free please as we have children in our centre that are highly allergic to nuts. This includes: Nutbars, peanut butter etc.

As our Fathers day event is coming up on the 28th of August we would kindly ask you to donate a little something to our Fathers day raffle. We have a ‘Tradies Bin’ standing next to our ‘sign in’ Ipad to place the donations into. Tickets for the raffle are 5$ and will be able to pick up form Miss Dani or Miss Nadine.

Thank you for another great week in Kindy 2

Miss Dani and Miss Nadine

Written by elckindergarten2