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This morning outside, the children engaged in activities such as searching for ladybugs, obstacle courses, drawing and colouring and Unifix blocks.  

For group time, we completed our Acknowledgement to Country. Then Mr Don read some Christmas books as we shared group time with Kindergarten 1. We read a book called ‘Poop-filled Christmas’ and ‘The Naughty List.’ The children enjoyed engaging in. 

At activity time, Rie, Bonnie and Daniella were completing the matching alphabet puzzle. The children had to match the picture with the letter. The girls were able to complete the entire puzzle set. Lillian and Alaska were drawing at the table with Mr Don. They were drawing people, gardens and houses. Elke enjoyed sitting at the writing table and drawing some Christmas images. Grace was playing with the Christmas sensory box. She loved scooping up the coconut and pouring into the containers. Spencer, Ben, Aristotelis and Lewis enjoyed the Mobilo. The children were building various designed cars and driving them across the room. Charlie and Shion were playing with the cars. Charlie was at the cars table driving them across the streets and towns while Shion drive them across the floor. Cooper P and Cooper T were in book corner also playing with the cars. They were making their cars drive across all sorts of environments.  

Mr Daniel came for Arakan this morning. The children practiced lining up in one line and had to follow Mr Daniel’s instructions. He would provide an action to complete and then the children had to quickly do it. Then, they practiced raising their left and right hands. When the children were ready, Mr Daniel would ask each child hit with either their left or right hand. To conclude their lesson, the children were able to play a game.  

At group time, Mr Lachie shared various stories with the children. Some were a little bit scary. Aristotelis then shared something very special with his friends. He brought in gift bags for all of his friends! Aristotelis would hand them out to each of his friends and everyone was so thankful.  

For the table activities, the children enjoyed drawing, connecting shapes, connecting flowers, books and floor puzzles.  

For group time, we completed our Days of the Week song and completed our daily calendar.  

We then chose our phonics song and went over our alphabet. We then chose a phonics game to engage in. After that, the children chose various songs to sing and dance to.  

Miss Jade and Mr Don