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Kindergarten 2 – Friday 11th September, 2020

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Happy Friday everyone!

This morning outside, many of our friends were spending some time at the table doing arts and crafts. Elke, Alaska, Grace, Shion, Nisha, Lillian and Leilani were colouring in, cutting and gluing. Connor, Thomas, Cooper P, Cooper T, Charlie, Lewis and Nash were having a running race in the sandpit area. They were trying to see who was going to win the race. Ben was enjoying time on his own while he was digging holes in the sandpit.

Miss Nadine was practing the graduation songs with the girls this morning. Miss Nadine brought her guitar and the children practiced without the normal music. The children are getting better and better at singing the words and doing the actions.

While the girls were practicing, the boys were doing Arakan outside. They practiced their stance, shielding and punching. The boys are getting better at learning their left and right directions. It was so fun to practice self-defence.

Today we had a special event where Larrikin Puppet Show came to share a show for us. There was a puppet host who introduced us to a variety of characters and performances. We got to dance like a unicorn, learn our animals and animal sounds, appreciating individuality and learn about being kind. At the conclusion of the show, we were able to see the puppeteers. They showed us what all the puppets looked like, how to hold each type of puppet and how they make different voices for each character. The puppeteers mentioned how some were just normal hand puppets however some had sticks to control their arms and others needed two people to control it. It was so amazing to not only watch the show in action, but be guided on how it operates behind the scenes.

At group time today, our country was Iraq. In Iraq, one language they speak is Arabic. For our roll-call this morning, we said “Sabah Alkhyr.” It was a little tricky to say! After our ‘Days of the Week Song,’ we completed our calendar and weather chart.

After rest time, we completed the letter of the day which was ‘A .’ We came up with words such as apple, airplane, astronaut, Alaska and Aristotilis.

Next we continued learning about plants. Miss Jade showed us a pot plant from our room to observe, We saw and learnt that plants come from the garden, but can also be found indoors. We saw that the plant came out of soil. We sang our ‘What does a plant need’ song and revised that plants need seeds, water, soil, space, air and sun to grow.

Lastly, please ensure home-readers are returned weekly!

Thank you so much everyone for a great first week with me! Have a great weekend,

Miss Jade and Miss Nadine.

Written by elckindy

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