Happy Friday Kindergarten 2 Families,

What a great and eventful day we had today with Miss Shannons Birthday party as well as a virtual Aboridginal Show. We came in a little early for morning tea and started our cooking activity right after making our very own sausage rolls using puff pastry, sausage mince as well as cheese to sprinkle on top. The children did so well practicing their hand eye coordination using cutlery to spoon the mince mixture on to the puff pastry and cutting the sausage rolls in little pieces.

We transitioned to the special show after called: Virtual Reality Aboriginal Australia

We all sat together on a red mat in our Pre Kindy play yard and every single child got a virtual head sat to wear over their eyes and follow the story. First they started talking about Aboriginal culture, how they used to live and how they used to make their paint as well as how many tribes there is still living in Australia. Our friends were very enthusiastic trying to answer all the questions. Our friends started the story in Kindy but through the goggles the children got transformed into a new world. They had to move their heads around holding the goggles in front of their eyes and were therefor able to see little movie clips. They found Aboriginals making music using music sticks and Didgeridoos, they saw tribes dancing and lots more. What a great way to explore and learn about new cultures!

Thank you for a great day today and see you all again next week

Miss Cheryl and Miss Nadine

Written by elckindergarten2