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This morning outside, Rie, Elke, Lillian, Leilani, Alaska and Connor were at the drawing table. They were drawing pictures of rainbows and family members while Connor was sharpening the pencils for them. Shion was playing with animals on the ramp area with some Kindergarten 1 friends. They were pretending to play as a variety of animals. Cooper P was helping Miss Qiu with the soil. They were using the rakes to put air into the soil. Thomas and Kai were playing pirates with Miss Jade. They were pretending that they were on a voyage for treasure and had to be careful of the crocodiles and sharks.

At group time, we completed our Acknowledgement to Country. Mr Don spoke about how amazing everyone was at graduation last night and hoped everyone had lots of fun. Then, the children chose of the days of the week song and we completed the daily calendar. Mr Don told the children that we were going to do a special activity today because graduation was finished; we were going to make graduation cupcakes. The children discussed what ingredients they think they needed to make these such as eggs, flour and sugar.

At activity time, Grace, Rie, Alaska, Angelo and Nisha enjoyed the puzzles at the tables. Elke was helping Grace with the alphabet puzzle. Rie loved the bug puzzle. Nisha, Lillian and Leilani were at the drawing table. They were drawing the outdoors, rainbows and families. Lillian, Daniella and Bonnie enjoyed the Little Miss Books. They were reading with Miss Aimee, listening to the stories and looking at the pictures. Connor enjoyed the 3D shape containers. He used all the containers to stack on top of each other to create a tower. It was getting so tall! Nash, Aristotelis and Spencer enjoyed building cars out of the mobile while Lewis, Shion, Kai and created tracks for the trains. Charlie enjoyed dressing up the people with the magnetic dress-up.

Cooper T, Cooper P and Thomas enjoyed baking with Miss Jade. All the children were provided the opportunity to help Miss Jade with backing chocolate cupcakes as Connor and Shion had asked for cupcakes and specifically graduation cupcakes. We added all the ingredients into the bowl and were able to take turns to mix the batter. It was smelling great!

Mr Daniel came to teach the children Arakan today. The children had to first go over their left and right hands. He would then ask them to high-five him depending on what hand he asked. The children practiced their scary faces and concluded with a racing game.

At group time we read two Indigenous stories. We read a book about Australian words and we also read How the Birds Got Their Colours. We revised that this week was NAIDOC week and how we celebrate the Indigenous people of Australia.

For the table activities, the children enjoyed the writing table, connecting sticks, drawing, connecting shapes, alphabet bingo and puzzles. The children also had the opportunity to decorate their cupcakes with frosting and sprinkles.

For group time we chose a few songs to sing and dance to. It was so fun to get our energy out on a Friday afternoon.

Miss Jade and Mr Don