Happy Friday Kindergarten 2 Families,

what a great way to end the week as our children were very lucky today being able to watch “The Proud Foots” Show!

Before venturing down we had a big play outside enjoying this beauitful warm morning, climbing on the fort, digging and cooking in the sandpit and mud kitchen. We came inside for some yummy morning tea with custard and fresh fruits and got ready to go into our Pre-Kindy yard soon after!

As the Show ran a little late our friends were able to have a quick play on our new big slide and sandpit. They loved climbing up the new equipment and waiting their turns to slide down the slide….so much fun!

When the show started we all sat on the mat with all the other classrooms and listened to the show with a lot of enthusiasm. They engaged so nicely when Lukas asked the children questions who was able to play the Didgeridoo, the drums and guitar and so many laughs.  Koolaz the Koala played the guitar, Pat the Wombat played the Didgeridoo and Billy the Lizard the Drum. The children got up as Lukas started playing the instruments and they jumped up and down, clapping their hands to the music. The children turned into kangaroos throughout the show, using their hands to pop up their ears and jumping up and down.

Such a wonderful way to end this week!

We see you all again next week and hope you have a fantastic weekend with your loved once.

Miss Dani and Miss Nadine

Written by elckindergarten2