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Happy Friday Kindergarten 2 Families,

what a relieve for the kids to finally see the sun and blue sky after all this rain and thunderstorm. Therefor we decided to come out super early this morning to make the most of this beautiful weather. The children had a blast running through the yard, balancing over the obstacle course, climbing up the fort and sliding down the slide, building sand castles in the sandpit, digging lots of deep holes and building with our big wooden blocks.

After another quick training for the case of a fire drill, which our friends responded to so well, making sure to follow the teachers instructions, we came inside for some yummy morning tea of raisin toast and fresh fruits to gain back our energy.

Our friends spread out in the room soon after to follow their interests and ideas. Some had a great time sitting at the table to create shape patterns using our wooden shapes and our cards to either recreate what they were able to see on the photos or to create their own little pattern picture.

On the mat the children liked building with our unifix blocks, building super high towers, cars and space ships. In home corner dressing up was more than popular and pretending to be cats and puppy dogs crawling through the room meowing and barking.

We also finished off our All about Me “people” with some friends colouring in the human shapes, using pastel crayons and sticking on their print faces after. Check them out on our window facing the car park 🙂

Thank you for a great week and see you all again next week

Miss Dani and Miss Nadine

Written by elckindergarten2

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