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Hello and Happy FRIYAY to all our Kindergarten 2 friends and families, we hope that everyone has had a fantastic Friday! Here is how we spent this beautiful sunny day at the Hills with all our friends, Miss Qiu and Miss Shannen. Welcome to our Friday the 15thof January 2021 blog…


This morning we were straight out to the yard once we arrived, we put our bags in the lockers and have been practicing and remembering to look and find our name tag, to then attach it to the locker so we can see who’s bag it is, this is also great for the children to recognise their name and the letters that make up their name, we then go inside and look for our own hats that are all labelled on the hat rack with finially rubbing in lots of sunscreen before heading outside to join all our friends! We were all very happy little veggie mites today! We all enjoyed the sunshine and the set up we had out in the yard today.


Mr Lache set up an obstacle course that was in the shape of a square with all the equipment linking to one another, it was lots of fun and tested our balancing skills, the fort was the place to be this morning with our friends using the climbing rope to pull themselves up reach to the top of the fort waving out to their friends in the lower yard, some of our friends told Miss Shannen that they could see EVERYTHING from up there including their house!


With the weather being so great we decided that we would stay out in the yard just that little bit longer and enjoy the yard with just our Kindergarten 2 friends.


Today we had Mr Dan come and see us for our Arkan lesson, the children were spilt into 2 separate groups, whike one group was out with Mr Dan our other friends headed inside for some yummy morning tea with Miss Qiu and Miss Shannen, then switching over. The children enjoying hitting and dodging soft pads, running races and gross motor activities.


Morning tea was a plate of jelly and vanilia yogurt with the option of adding in our mixing in fresh fruit salad. We had lots of friends really enjoy this morning tea today. Once both of our groups had, had Arakan we all joined Miss Qiu on the mat for group time where we discussed today’s activities, how many friends we had in our class, marked our role, welcomed and greeted our friends and teachers before finishing it off with a Dr. Suess book.


We had a quick run outside around the grass area before coming back inside and finding an activity. Table activities that we had out today were – Moon sand (sensory activity), free expression drawing, numerancy puzzles, puppets, construction building, decorating and colouring in our new restaurant sign and some friends help Miss Shannen and Miss Qiu clean some of our toys keeping them clean and safe for all our friends.


It has been a wonderful day and we have all had so much fun, thank you Kindergarten for such a great day and what a day to finish off our second week back. We hope that everyone has a lovely weekend and we cant wait to hear all about your adventures. See you Monday.


Please bring in or email through a family photo! We would love to have everyone up on our family tree.


Lots of love Miss Qiu and Miss Shannen xx