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When: Next Friday, 23rd April. Time: 2:30pm. Where: Pre-Kindy/Senior Kindy outdoor play area. What’s going on: ANZAC service followed by light refreshments. RSVP: Kindly RSVP to [email protected]


Dear families and friends, welcome to another fun day in Kindergarten Two.

This morning children enjoyed playing alongside their friends whilst exploring activities in the yard. Activities such as water trough with clothes and babies, dinosaurs, bikes, slide, balancing beams and spinning disks. The children also had the opportunity to sit on a mat with cushions and books just in case they needed to relax their minds. For Arakan this morning, we split the children in two groups. Group One stayed outside with Mr Daniel whilst Group Two headed inside where they enjoyed fruits with custard and oaths for Morning Tea. After half an hour the groups swapped.

For group time, we followed our daily routine first including singing songs, saying Jingeri, identifying today’s day, date, weather and acknowledgement of country. As usual, we then made the sound of letter K, air-traced it and identified objects on letter K card. Miss Qiu then explained to children what to expect today. Theodore then showed us his Kookaburra for his show and tell. Thanks Theodore for sharing.

Today we had a wildlife show hosted by Miss Lizz. Miss Liz showed children a bearded dragon, long-necked turtle, crocodile, tawney frog-mouth, Possums and a snake. During the show we learnt all about those animal’s characteristics what they eat and how they live in wild life. The childrenn also had the opportunity and were so brave to pat all the animals.

When we came back from the show, Zoey read us her book called ‘fox on a box’ for the classroom. Thanks Zoey for sharing your book with us.

After lunch (bean burger with salad), the children had a quiet time where they read books quietly for 15 minutes before watching an educational video about the wildlife and animals we saw in the show.

Thanks friends for a great week.


Miss Qiu and Miss Sana x.

p.s. sorry about the lack of photos. They wouldn’t upload today. We’ll try to print them out and place them outside our room.