Happy Friday Kindergarten 2 Families,

as we had our fun Friday today and the end of the week we thought we let our friends decide what we do for activities today. We had lots of different suggestions: ‘Playdough, Painting (Dinosaur, Rainbow, People), Drawing and Clay. As most of our friends asked to paint and suggested Dinosaurs we got the easles out and our friends were able to follow their creativity and design their own Dinosaur. As some said : ‘I don’t know how a Dinosaur looks like’, we borrowed some from next door and put them on the table next to the paint and easle for the children to get an idea. Such great fun!

We also made a big playdough table with knifes, sticks and roller pins and the children made lots of different animals and food. Drawing was super busy as well and mostly colouring in as a kind friend donated old colouring in books and we took all the pages out and put them in our paper draw, so the children have been practicing their fine motor skills as well as hand eye coordination to stay between the lines while colouring in. Great work!

Arakan was super popular today, nearly all of our friends joined Mr Daniel outside and had a great time.

Thank you for a fantastic week

See you all again on Monday

Miss Dani and Miss Nadine

Written by elckindergarten2