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Good evening to our beautiful families and friends.

Outside this morning, children enjoyed developing skills through variety of opportunities such as balancing, blocks, spinning disks and train tracks. Some of the children also enjoyed identifying/naming each car they could see through the gate.

At 9.30, the children were separated in Two groups. Group One joined Mr Dan for Arakan whilst group Two headed inside to eat morning tea (bean sauce with turkish bread) and vice versa. When everyone was ready, we sat on the mat for group time. We said good morning to everyone, sang songs, identified today’s day,date,weather with teachers helper, Elizabeth. The children then learnt letter G’s sound, air-traced and identified objects in letter G card.

Activities offered for children to explore were play dough, free expression painting, wooden blocks, alphabet puzzle, dress up and connectors. Some children joined Miss Sana outside where we made a big noisy band with  recycled containers and chopsticks. Inside Miss Qiu encouraged support children’s learning with the painting activity by having one-on-one conversation about each child’s painting and extended their learning.

Before lunch (sushi with the choice of Mayo or Soy sauce and salad), children sat down for another group time but this time with Miss Sana. Miss Sana invited Sammy to join her and together they talked about Persian’s New Year which is happening tomorrow. The children listened very carefully and asked their questions at the end.

Thanks Kindergarten Two for a great week. We hope every one have a nice weekend and we can’t wait to see you all next week.


Miss Qiu and Miss Sana x.