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This morning outside, Lillian, Elke and Nisha were cooking pasta in the sandpit kitchen. The children were mixing sand and water to make their pasta. Bonnie, Daniella and Lillian enjoyed sun bathing on the fort. It was a warm morning outside today!

At group time, we completed our Acknowledgement to Country. Then the children chose the Days of the Week song and completed the daily calendar.

At activity time, Rie enjoyed the puzzles. She especially enjoyed the dinosaur puzzle. This was a tricky puzzle, but she was determined to complete it. Shion, Cooper T, Lewis and Aristotelis enjoyed the trains. They were working together to build a track around the room. Connor and Spencer enjoyed the connecting flowers. They were building cars and motorbikes out of them and driving them around the room. Nisha, Elke, Alaska, Leilani and Lillian enjoyed the drawing table. The girls were drawing gardens and their families. Charlie and Elke enjoyed the toy trucks. The children enjoyed pushing them along the carpet and making them pick up items. Ben, Charlie, Thomas and Lewis did some writing and drawing with Miss Nadine. They were drawing and writing their family members. Cooper P and Grace enjoyed playing pretend in the reading corner. They were pretending to be all sorts of animals.

Mr Daniel came to teach the children Arakan today. The children love Mr Daniel. They first began by practicing raising their left and right arms in the aim. Then, the children had to listen to Mr Daniel when he told them the direction for which arm to hit with. The children then practiced shielding their heads and concluded with a game. This was either the racing game or zombie game.

Then Aristotelis and Shion shared their Show and Tell. They brought in their mystery bags and shared their clues with their friends. Kindergarten 2 are great at guessing! After that, we practiced out number to 20 as the children sat in a circle and were provided a card with a number on it. Everyone had to work together to sort the numbers in the correct order.

For the table activities, the children enjoyed the writing table, drawing, magnetic tubes, puzzles and connecting flowers.

For group time, we chose our phonics song and went over our alphabet. We then chose a phonics game to engage in. Then, we began to practice our songs for the Christmas party. We enjoyed singing and dancing to them.

Home-readers will be located downstairs in the office for you to personally change on a weekly basis. RSVP list for the Christmas Party is located in the upstairs office.