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Dear families and friends,

We began this beautiful day in the yard exploring all the fun. We had a variety of activties for the children to choose from. The children enjoyed sand pit area, mud kitchens, slides, climbing fort, balancing obstacles and spinning disks. The main activities today were water play with water connectors and chalk drawing on the ground and the bricks.There was also a reading corner offered with baby dolls and some cushions for the children to relax if they needed to.

For Arakan this morning, we split the children in two groups. Group One stayed outside with Mr Daniel whilst Group Two headed inside where they enjoyed fruits with custard and oaths for Morning Tea. After half an hour the groups swapped.

At 9.30, we all washed our hand and sat on the mat to start our group time. We sang songs, identified today’s day, date and weather with the teacher’s helper, Julia and acknowledged the country. We then continued with identifying the letter of the week letter L. The children identified the letter, pronounced it’s sound and helped Miss Qiu recognising objects on letter L card. The children also pronounced the sound of letters from letter A to letter L. Our friends then transitioned to Morning Tea by individually making the sound of each letter Miss Qiu pointed to.

After Morning Tea (fruits with oaths and custard), Miss Qiu reviews the information about Anzac Day and explained our service this afternoon and talked about what to expect during the service.

Today’s activities included cars, memory game, connectors, drawing poppies, puzzles and the toys in the clinic area. The children also participated in a group game called ‘doggy where is your ball’ which was so fun to play.

Before lunch (burgers with salad and tomato sauce), Zoey read the classroom her book called ‘fat cat on the mat’. Thanks Zoey for sharing your book with us.

Also thanks to all our friends for an awesome week.


Miss Qiu and Miss Sana x,