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This morning outside, many children enjoyed the drawing and colouring-in table. Here, we had various colouring-in such as a school bus and a zoo. Nisha, Alaska, Leilani, Lillian, Nash and Spencer enjoyed this area. Elke, Shion, Charlie and Angelo enjoyed the sandpit area. The children especially enjoyed the kitchen. Here, the children were making chocolate cake, chocolate milkshakes and even a unicorn pie. Delicious!

For group time this morning, we completed our Acknowledgement to country. Then, we sang our ‘Days of the Week Song.” After singing the song, we completed our daily calendar/weather chart. Miss Nadine then read Connor’s book that he brought in for Book Week. It was called ‘The Very Brave Bear.’ Thank you Connor for sharing your book with us!

For activity time, we had a name-writing activity where the children first had to write their name on a sheet of paper. Then, they used paintbrushes to trace over their letters with glue. Over the glue, the children had to place small pieces of paper that shaped their names. This activity allowed children to practice their name-writing and fine-motor skills. Angelo, Thomas, Leilani, Rie, Lillian, Bonnie, Alaska and Nisha had so much fun carefully playing the paper on their names. Lillian, Rie and Leiliani enjoyed the book corner. Here the girls were reading books and talking about the pictures on the pages. Cooper P, Cooper T and Connor enjoyed playing in the dolls-house. The boys enjoyed using the cars to drive them around the house. Ben, Nash, Spencer, Aristotelis, Kai, Lewis and Ben were at the train tracks. The boys worked together to build a train track that went from the window side of the room, all the way to the gate. It was the longest train track yet!

Mr Daniel came to teach the children Arakan this morning. The children began their lesson by first standing in their stance. Next, the children then practiced catching a ball and practiced hitting with their left and right hands. To conclude the lesson with Mr Daniel, the children had a game where they had a race.

After group time, the children had one more sea-animal to explore. This animal was the jellyfish. We began with a discussion about what they already knew. We knew that they had tentacles that can stink, they have a top that is like an umbrella and have no bones. We watched a really interesting video about jellyfish that all the children enjoyed. We learnt that jellyfish are carnivores. They don’t have to hunt for their food as their tentacles naturally will sting their prey. Most jellyfish are see-through,or as we learnt today; ‘Transparent.’ The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about this sea-animal.

For the table activities, the children enjoyed floor puzzles, pin board, writing table, drawing, wooden shapes and floor puzzles.

Next, we picked out the phonics song that we wanted to sing. Miss Jade then held up the letters of the alphabet and asked the children to say the sound it would make. To conclude this activity, we practiced 3-letter words and saying each sound to figure out what the word was. Great effort Kindergarten 2!

Dear parents, people ensure Transition Statement Consent forms are brought back ASAP. Also, home-readers will be located downstairs in the office for you to personally change on a weekly basis. RSVP list for graduation is located in the upstairs office.

Miss Jade and Miss Nadine